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HB Universal 22

hb universal 22 is a typeface 9 and 100 years in the making! In serendipitous parallel celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus typography, I drafted the first handful of gleeful glyphs for the thirteens project 9 years ago. Herbert Bayer-inspired, I’m tweaking kern pairs and glyph glitches.


Open Code

When I learned that coding wasn’t being taught in the local schools to children under 8 years old, I decided to introduce coding to my own kids by making a game of it. The prototype was made with a cut up cereal box and a Sharpie marker. We played for hours on the carpet and I realized I’d struck on something.


Basically Human

When asked to design a site to accompany the traveling exhibition Basically Human: Fifteen Young Artists from the Middle East, I built and scripted it entirely in Flash (HTML5 was a few years away), allowing for a subtly-animated, DNA-inspired interface.


The Ritz-Carlton, Abu Dhabi

As a solution to their need for a bilingual membership brochure and allow for easy updating, I designed a three panel folder with tabs to hold separate fee/benefits cards. Additionally, I designed membership cards, vehicle stickers, and a voucher booklet of special members-only offers.


Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

I was asked by an agency to complete a suite of icons to illustrate the perks of the ADCB Touchpoints program. 


Abu Dhabi Sports

I was approached to illustrate two TVC boards to help launch Abu Dhabi Sports’ coverage of the English Premier League. Presented here are early sketches as well as inked and colored panels completed in a 72-hour marathon for the finals.



From January through November 2013, the Thirteens Project focused on historic events that occurred on the thirteenth day of each month, producing illustrated screen-savers for mobile devices (Apple iPhone and iPad). Whatever happened to December? Nelson Mandela passed away, evoking a moment of silence.


Paraguas Books

Paraguas sent me the galley and a rough sketch for the cover of CS Reid’s Plucking Poetry from the Air, a young adult novel about an aspiring young poet and her adventures retrieving her manuscript in time for the big competition. From there, I pushed the direction towards cinematic urban grit meets colorful tween pop.



Hinge is a bespoke display face built from the quartered segments of a circle, its diameter and radius. Nothing a little WD-40 can’t fix.


Brand & Identity

Identity design for health and beauty, hospitality, fashion, games, construction and NGO.



No shame. Wave that candle!



A geometric display face that's a little bit Deco and a little bit Art Nouveau. Cue the Osmonds.



A geometric display face based on the golden rectangle.