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All Beta fonts on this site are offered free of charge, but do take many (many) hours to develop. If you find good use for them and want to return the favor, you can buy me a coffee!



A geometric display face based on the golden rectangle.


Download the beta version below.


HB Universal 22

HB Universal 22 is a gleeful, Herbert Bayer / Bauhaus-inspired typeface. With many of its glyphs created for the thirteens project in 2013, it was revisited and expanded in 2022. 


Download the beta version below.



The Clopa typeface is adapted from a manuscript, probably written at St Augustine's, Canterbury, that has generally been dated to the mid-tenth century, though recent work suggests the 930s specifically.


Download the beta version below.



A geometric display face that's a little bit Deco and a little bit Art Nouveau. Cue the Osmonds.



Hinge is a bespoke display face built from the quartered segments of a circle, its diameter and radius. Nothing a little WD-40 can’t fix.

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